domenica 3 aprile 2011

Sabrinaa Nightfire Memorial

Please come to a memorial event commemorating the life of Sabrinaa Nightfire. The memorial will take place on Sabrinaa's own island of Erato on April 3 at 1PM SLT.

Mommaluv Skytower will perform live for the occasion after which there will be speeches by some of Sabrinaa's closest friends on Second Life and a chance for everyone to share memories of her.

Links to works by and about Sabrinaa:

'Celebrating Sabrinaa' machinima by Fuschia Nightfire showing some of Sab's art on SL:

Machinima by Saveme Oh filmed inside one of Sabrinaa's art installations:

'Apologize' machinima by Fuzonacid showing the Steaming Hot Steampunk exhibition organised by Sabrinaa

you can still see some of Sabrinaa's work at these places on SL:
And her photos on Flickr:

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