domenica 27 marzo 2011



We are planning a raising funds event to send to the Japanese reliefs. 
We know it is impossible to raise enough funds to solve the problem that is happening in the country today.

But we would like to send to these people that is suffering our affection and solidarity.

For that we will be doing an solidary event that is called JAPAN...HANDS TO HANDS, where we will be providing pictures and art objects that can be sold only once.

The charity event will begin on March 27 (Sunday) at 02:30 PM (Second Life Time) and will be exposed until all art pieces are sold.

The artists as well as those who participate with donations will receive a notecard with the accountability of the money raised and a copy of the deposit made.

I invite you to participate by acquiring and art piece kindly donated by SL artists from around the world .

The minimum value for them is L$ 1500 and you can also donate any value to get our special Japan hands to hands t-shirt.

Thanks in advance to all for participating.

See you there

Sunset Quinnell & TonyEMS Heyings
Ice Caverns Gallery & Alpine Executive Center

Rising Sun by Zhora Maynard

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